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Aikido is a Japanese Martial art created by Osensei or Morihei Ueshiba, that seeks to blend against incoming attacks, not to fight or defend against them. In order to do this,
the practice of Aikido involves understanding our own body first, before we move towards understanding our opponents and eventually the universal truth.

The practice of Aikido, as all traditional martial arts are, involves stylized or kata practice. This kata practice is done with a partner who acts as an attacker and
will then receive the techniques you inflict on him. This method gets progressively harder and stronger as we go up in experience, but never leaves the principle of
symbiosis in that the attacker is helping us learn by lending his energy.

For people seeking self defense, Aikido will not serve you in the short term. It is the worst martial art for you if you do not understand it, and the best once you do.
The length of time to develop this understanding is not measured in years or effort, but would come when your mind is ready and open.


Ahmad Abas, 2nd Dan

Abas has been practicing Aikido since 1996 back in UK under Sensei Wasyl Kolesnikov. He then came back to Malaysia to practice with Sensei Marcus Chan for a number of
years before finding his present teacher, Sensei Imanul Hakim of Jakarta. His search for Aikido is not for status, rank or to emulate Steven Seagal. He is looking for understanding,
of Aiki, of himself and of the universe that we live in. He also writes in his blog about his journey in practicing aikido.

Hafiz, 2nd Dan

Hafiz started his Aikido journey in 2003 under the tutelage of Suzalie Mohd Sensei of Aikikai Malaysia and later under Tony Yap Sensei of Malaysia Aikido Association
and progress to obtaining his first Dan grade in 2006, after training under numerous teachers under both said associations, and also after having various brief training
stints under the Yoshinkan style of Aikido. He was later upgraded to his second Dan grade by Haji Haniff Sensei of Aikikai Malaysia in 2009, and has continued training
until now, where he is currently a student of Imanul Hakim Sensei of Aiki Kenkyukai Indonesia.


Aiki Shoshinkan Aiki Kenkyukai, or Aiki Shoshin for short is a Dojo originally founded by Sensei Miles Chan in Kota Damansara. The dojo itself was named by Sensei Imanul Hakim, several years
back. It is now located in Bukit Jelutong.

Aiki Shoshin or Beginner’s Mind Dojo falls under the organisation called Aiki Kenkyukai of Indonesia, headed by Sensei Imanul Hakim, 5th Dan, Aikikai. Its aim is to perpetuate the teachings of Sensei Hakim
in Malaysia.

In keeping with its meaning, Aiki Shoshin is an open dojo that anyone regardless of affiliation is welcomed. We all learn from each other. Osensei kept learning till his death, we can do no less.

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